Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Blog Post on Random Topics.

I've been literary sitting in front of my computer for 2 hours trying to think of something interesting to write until I finally came up with the idea of googling "blog posting generators"! ( I'm a bit slow, I know) Obviously Google came through for me. I'm just gonna answer some random topics that came up.

Proper Times to Study - Usually I tend to study in the night, I just find that I'm so much more productive. It depends on your situation though and if your a night or morning person! For me though, night studying always works the best!

Atom Fission - Wikipedia said that it's when a atoms splits into smaller parts that makes a large amount of energy... Hey, we learned something new today... that most probably won't ever help us in the future but that's okay!

Flying or Driving Safer - Flying... Accidents can happen every day with both of these but I just think flying is safer because they just take so many precautions. Though if an accident happens with flying it's usually really severe.... ugh this is a hard one but I'm gonna go with flying.

Worst Hair Day - I don't remember my worst hair day but I can say that I've had a quite a few... This summer I've been trying not to use any heat on my hair because I usually do and the first week was horrible. Dry, extra frizzy almost crunchy hair. I was so disgusted, especially with my ends, that I got an inch chopped off and started out new.

Using Public Restrooms - I don't think anyone really likes public restrooms and all I can say is that I try to avoid them as much as possible...

There were so many more but I picked the first 5 I could really answer. (That's why some of them were really random, sorry!) Comment below of your own opinions, I would love to hear them! And we can debate on them as well :P

And for other fellow blogger's out there that need help with topics I used Blogtap.

Byee for now, Joanne!

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