Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My 5 Favourite Book Series

    Let's just say that Joe and I are huge book worms. Like really, imagine a worm in the dirt with bad eyesight and reads 3 books in a day. That is me. I am that kind of worm.

(in no particular order)

1) HARRY POTTER BY J.K. ROWLING. I've re-read these books too many times to count.  Favourite book? The Deathly Hallows for sure! All the books are great, but especially loved the last one. Favourite character? A tie between Severus Snape and Luna Lovegood. She's so quirky and brave. I admire her! He was so...deep and unexpected.

2) THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS BY ANN BRASHARES. I'm a dystopia lovin' girl. But, I do enjoy a good girly book once in a while.  I can't help but love these books! They're incredibly heart-warming and happy. They remind me very much of my three best friends, which I hope you'll meet soon! Favourite book? Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood. Favourite character? Lena and Bee. I really do love all the characters, but especially these two. I think it's because I want to be like them. I wish I was as athletic and outgoing as Bee! She rocks. Lena reminds me of myself sometimes, besides the artistic part (I am not artistic!), but the shy and caring part. I wish I was kinder and more caring sometimes.

3) THE LORIEN LEGACIES BY PITTACUS LORE. I feel that these books are over looked sometimes. I haven't met anyone who's read them besides people I've recommended them to! I wish I was an alien. Seriously, I could go and use some super powers to blast evil aliens heads off and stuff. I sound so violent...I swear, I'm normal and sane! Favourite book? The Rise of Nine. I thought the plot was pretty awesome, but I'm super excited for The Fall of Five to come out! I really do love John and Six together...too bad Sarah's in the way. Favourite character? Six. She's so bad ass! And I love her for it! Plus, she's Loric which makes her extra awesome.

4) THE DWELLER'S SAGA BY DAVID ESTES. Again, these are overlooked. They're brilliantly written. I don't have as much to say about these books because I've only read them a couple times, but I thoroughly enjoyed them! Favourite book? The Sun Dwellers. The ending was pretty awesome and although I still haven't read the sister series connected to the Dweller's Saga, I'm excited to! Favourite character? Adele for sure! She's tough and fights for what and who she loves.

5) GONE BY MICHAEL GRANT. Each book was action-packed and exciting which kept me interested in reading them until the very end. I can't imagine being in the FAYZ, I'd probably hide in my closet until someone tries to eat me. Than I'd hit them on the head with a piece of salami and run while laughing because I have salami and they don't. Really. Favourite book? Fear. Everything happens, and the ending is awesome. That's really all you need to know, so go read this series! Favourite character? Sam. Even when he's stressed and everything, he's still so incredible! Plus, he's crazy hot on the cover...not that that matters ;)

I hope you found this list semi-interesting at least! If you have any questions about the books feel free to leave them in the comment field or send me an email at

    If you like any of these series, what's your favourite character and book?


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