Thursday, August 22, 2013

All About Music

I'm a music lover. I play piano, flute, and trombone. I think everyone should learn to play an instrument, even it's as simple as a recorder or complex as a violin. Heck, I think rock band would even count.
Totally unrelated but yummy, right?

 You can't really describe music, it's...heart-warming, depressing, uplifting,'s just music. I think everyone has had a moment where all you want to do is shrivel up in a corner because something happened. It could be because of a heart break, death, or maybe a character from a book died (I can relate to that one).Whatever it is, music is always there to comfort you. I sound so deep and sincere don't I? Onto the fun stuff....

Wanna make your music instantly louder without speakers?

Put your music playing device in a shallow bowl! The vibrations will bounce onto and out of the bowl creating a clear, loud sound. It works wonderfully with my phone and ipod when I want my music to be louder without the hassle of getting the speakers out!

Like this :)

Searching for cool music to listen to on YouTube?

Look up Pentatonix! They're a five piece a capella group who starred on The Sing Off.  All of their songs (covers and originals) are amazing! Make sure you check our their version of Aha! by Imogen Heap. I really do love the original, but I especially love Pentatonix's version. It's pretty crazy that there aren't any instruments...the beat boxer is awesome! Oh I also like their version of Save the World/Don't you Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia! I'm a big fan of SHM too :)

Trying to discover new music?

Check out The Ceremonies! They're a band of three brothers (Matthew, Mark and tricky is that!?) They're all extremely talented! Check out Wolfdance and Ballroom Bones, my personal favourites!

They're pretty intense.

I also recommend The 1975! Check out Sex (Ryan Hemsworth remix)'s amaaazing!

As far as my music taste goes, I'd consider myself an indie-rock girl. Although I do enjoy a good Taylor Swift song! I hope you learned and/or discovered something new today! 


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