Monday, August 19, 2013


Yep, you've got another author for this blog. Double the posts! (I'm being really sarcastic here, we are the worst at posting. But hey, we're newbies at this.) Anyway, same here I've got another blog which ended up as kind of a fail due to my issue with being too lazy to post but I'd rather post on this.

Just gonna go with the flow :)

A Bit About Me!
- I'm Joanne, friends refer to me as Jo-Jo, Joe, Joie, Joiender, etc, etc, etc, you get the point
- Anndd you probably guess my gender from my name.... (I'm a girl)
- I love reading, playing the piano, and wasting time on my computer

So pretty

I'll do my best to post, this is just a place where I can rant about whats going on in my pretty average life. Whatever is on my mind that I want to share with the world will probably be here as well. As Sonya said before, please comment but keep your mean comments to yourself, thank you! And all the stuff I post here will be my own opinions too! 

Btw - I'm one of Sonya's best friends and we'll be sharing this blog. There might be more of us joining as well though! (more posts!)

Byee for now, Joanne

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