Sunday, August 25, 2013


I haven't really done any lifestyle posts recently, so I've decided to make todays post about a recent "event" in my life! I have a sister who's 9 years old than me. And before you start thinking how great that is, let me tell you the hard cold facts about having a sibling that much older.

    It's difficult. I only see her maybe once every month or so, even in the summer! Since she lives in Vancouver, which is about an hour away from me, she doesn't make the trip out to my hometown too often. Which I totally understand though, she has a steady job, steady boyfriend, steady life and amazing friends. Being away from her when she first started university was probably the hardest though, I missed her so much. But now it's pretty much just a fact of life, and whenever we see each other it's always fun.

    Are we close you ask? Well, I think that we've grown so much closer the past few years! Maybe it's because I've matured. People are ALWAYS mistaking us for twins...She does give good advice when I need it, although we don't talk about things that I talk about with my friends.

        But of course, there are times when it's awesome! Just this weekend I took the sky train to Vancouver to see her! We went rock climbing, which may I add, is extremely fun! It's great exercise! We went to Cliffhanger Climbing, which is a great place! You can do certain "levels" and for each level there are colour coded paths that you have to follow, which makes it that much more fun and difficult!

    The next day we went biking along the Stanley Park Seawall, which was really fun! I most definitely recommend that ride. We rented cruiser bikes from Spokes, which seriously were the comfiest bikes in the whole world. Not. Even. Kidding. Plus, my bike was a gorgeous mint green colour.

   Sorry for the lack of non existent photos....I forgot to take some! Woops.


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